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Teaching World History: Ancient Greece—Worksheets and Activities

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Ancient Greece Lesson Pla

This blog and the accompanying resource are part of a Shaped monthly series providing teachers for Grades 6–12 with downloadable world history classroom resources and discussion topics.

Known for its renowned architecture, democratic system of government, and impact on science and the arts, among many other things, ancient Greece is an important topic often covered in middle and high school social studies curriculums. 

It's essential that students understand the context surrounding significant conflicts such as the Trojan War and the Persian Wars. Just as important as the chronological history are the ways that the culture of this ancient civilization continues to influence our perspectives of the world today. 

To teach students more about ancient Greece, have them look at the timeline below (with a supplemental enrichment activity available for download as a PDF) on the history of the ancient civilization. Then, distribute the accompanying resources: an excerpt from Book 22 of the epic poem The Iliad by Homer (primary source enrichment activity) and a related writing enrichment activity.


With that, you should have the resources you need to start teaching your social studies classes about ancient Greece, everything from its politics to its architecture. The civilization's lifestyle and culture continue to resonate in society today, and with these resources, your students will have a better understanding of why that's the case.


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