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What’s the #1 Thing Educators Want?

Whats The 1 Thing Educators Want Thumb

Results from the recently completed HMH Educator Confidence Report are resonating nationally. On August 18, the USA Today Snapshot featured a key statistic from that report: 52% of educators feel the need for more engagement in the classroom from parents. This significant need that is echoing throughout schools across the country is being seriously addressed by HMH thought leader and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. CEO, Sylvia Acevedo.

Sylvia’s expertise in this area comes naturally—as a young student whose family came to the U.S. from Mexico, she was fortunate to have engaged parents who closely followed her education needs and school activities and got her involved in the Girl Scouts. She attributes her own successes in life—as a NASA scientist, business executive, and now CEO of the Girl Scouts—to that involvement.


Find out how Sylvia is harnessing her successes and life experiences to support family engagement for English learners, their families, and EL educators.

This past June at the 2017 Model Schools Conference, Sylvia sat down for a Facebook Live interview in which she offered some advice to educators who are looking to build a stronger home-school connection. Hear her top strategy for educators—and more about her compelling life and career.

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