A Celebration of Culture: National Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Students

Students love to participate in celebrations of all kinds—and some of the most exciting lessons for kids involve learning about traditions that may be new to them. As we seek to be more tolerant and inclusive of all cultures, it’s important for kids to learn about the patchwork that makes us one nation with many different cultures. National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from September 15 through October 15, in recognition of Hispanic-American contributions and influences in our society. In areas of education, science, technology, government, and arts and culture—to name just a few—Hispanic influence is innovative, efficacious, and highly productive.

A sense of togetherness embodies the Hispanic spirit, which is why Hispanic Heritage Month often celebrates family ties and culture. Family does not just include immediate relatives, but also friends and neighbors. Music and food—there are so many traditional dishes to try!—also play an important role in the festivities.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great celebration for all, because there's always something new we can learn from one another, and we can appreciate the impact of Hispanic culture on our nation as a whole. Each of us uses words daily that are of Spanish origin—such as tomato, ranch, canyon, and more—often without realizing it. Many landmarks in our country are also of Hispanic origin. For example, St. Augustine, Florida was the first permanent European settlement, founded by a Spanish admiral in 1565. Hispanic heritage is American heritage!

Hispanic Heritage Lessons and Ideas for School

Download these Hispanic Heritage Month activities to enable your students in Grades 6-12 to explore Spanish culture and history in the United States.

Activity 1: Learn About Chicano Artwork

We hope you find these Hispanic Heritage Month school activities helpful as you celebrate with your students, whether you decide to focus on the culture, key figures, or achievements of Hispanic Americans.

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