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Grades 9–12 ELA Activity Set 8: Synthesize Information and More

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Sharpen your writing, language, critical thinking, and reading skills with these instructional resources, designed for at-home learning. Keep checking back for new resources posted each week!

Resource 1: Share What You Know—How-To Video

What is something you've been learning or practicing while staying at home these past few months? Share what you know by creating a how-to video that teaches others about your unique skill.

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Resource 2: Synthesize Information—Is It Safe to Reopen?

After a month or more of mandatory closings and lockdowns, the general desire to regain normalcy and emerge from quarantine is pushing state officials to consider how and when to open their states for business and recreation. What's your take on the issue? Read and analyze the sources provided and then synthesize the information to state and defend your stance.

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Resource 3: Journaling with Summer Writing Prompts

With shelter-in-place orders and social distancing still in effect across the nation, summer vacation is likely to look different this year. What are you thinking about as you transition from schooling at home to summertime?

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