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Grades 6–8 ELA Activity Set 5: Teaching Metaphor by Carol Jago and More

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Activityset 5

Sharpen your writing, language, critical thinking, and reading skills with these instructional resources, designed for at-home learning. Keep checking back for new resources posted each week!

Resource 1: "Words Are Birds"—Teaching Metaphor with Francisco X. Alarcón

Students spot similes easily. Just look for the like or as. Metaphors often pose a challenge for readers, particularly when they don’t seem to make sense. HMH Into Literature author Carol Jago shares activities to help students understand and appreciate metaphors—as well as craft their own.

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Resource 2: Write Flash Fiction

Fiction comes in many forms—some works of fiction are very short. Learn about flash fiction, or stories with fewer than 1,000 words. Then challenge yourself to create a very short story of your own.

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Resource 3: Analyze an Argument—Reader's Choice

Consider which argument you would rather read and analyze. Then, choose one of the activities to complete as you reflect on your own opinions about that topic.

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