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Grades 3–5 Summer Reading Activities: This Is America

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Welcome to This Is America! We’ll provide five days of reading and learning activities designed to engage your child in an exploration of our country and its symbols.

Reading Monday

It’s Monday, so let’s read about American symbols!

The Statue of Liberty

You’ve probably seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty, but did you know where this famous statue came from or when it was built? Learn all about Lady Liberty by reading this book.

Discuss the book: Where was the Statue of Liberty made? What does the Statue of Liberty mean to people in our country?

Media Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so let’s watch a video!

Why We Celebrate the Fourth of July

Watch the video Why We Celebrate the Fourth of July to learn how the United States came to be.

Discuss the video: Who wrote most of the Declaration of Independence? What are some of the things the Declaration of Independence says about government?

Writing Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so let’s write!

Write a Thank-You Note

Write a thank-you note from the people of the United States to the people of France. Tell why the Statue of Liberty is an incredible gift.

More to Read!

For more reading about life in colonial America, download The Midnight Ride of Sybil Ludington.

Research Thursday

It’s Thursday, so let’s find out more about the Statue of Liberty!

Take a Virtual Tour

  • Tour the Statue of Liberty by exploring the National Park Service’s website.
  • You can also use books or eBooks from your local library to learn more.
  • Discuss your tour with a friend or family member. What was most interesting or surprising? What new information did you learn?

Project Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s create!

Make a Model

Make a model of the Statue of Liberty!

  • Look at photos for details and ask yourself questions such as: What does the statue have on its head? Which arm is raised?
  • Sculpt your statue out of clay, pipe cleaners, or other modeling materials. Use blocks or a box for a base.

Talk about what you learned about America this week with your friends and family!

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