Grades 3–5 Summer Reading Activities: Fun and Games

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Welcome to Fun and Games! We’ll provide five days of reading and learning activities designed to engage your child in an exploration of sports, games, and puzzles.

Reading Monday

It’s Monday, so let’s read a play about friendship and soccer!

Benito’s Goal

No matter where they are, Benito and his friends are always a team. But when Benito decides to leave their soccer team for another, he puts the friendship to the test. Will Benito realize who his true friends are before it’s too late?

Discuss the book: How does Benito feel about joining the Tigers at first? What do Omar and Marcos do when Benito gets hurt? What did Benito learn at the end of the story?

Media Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so let’s watch a video!

Bend It Like Bianca

Watch the video Bend It Like Bianca to see how a new soccer player learns to play the game.

Discuss the video: Why does Bianca offer to play in the game? What two factors does Bianca need to focus on to make the ball move where she wants it to go?

Writing Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so let’s write!

Write the Next Act

Think about Benito’s Goal. Write the next act in the play. Do the Tigers take Benito back when he gets better, or does Benito decide to go back to the Cubs? How does he act toward his friends and others? Follow the play format from the story to write two or more scenes.

More to Read!

For more reading about puzzle fun, download Get Lost! The Puzzle of Mazes.

Research Thursday

It’s Thursday, so let’s explore soccer!

Research the World Cup

  • Teams from all over the world compete in the World Cup soccer tournament. Find out when and where the tournament happens. What team is the most recent winner?
  • Write a short report about what you learn.

Project Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s create!

Make a Banner

Make a banner to show support for a friend.

  • What message do you want to share?
  • Use paper and crayons or markers to print the message, and include graphics to convey the mood of your message.
  • Display your banner.

Talk with your friends and family about what you learned about Fun and Games this week!

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