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12 Fun Ideas for Cheap End-of-Year Gifts for Students from Teachers

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The last day of school can be even more fun than summer break as you and your students enjoy the end of your time together. And having the best celebration doesn’t have to break the bank with these cheap end of year gifts for students.

Inexpensive End-of-Year Gifts for Students

Any of these inexpensive end of year gifts for students will be sure to add to the jubilant atmosphere and buzz of summer excitement.

  • Sunglasses because their futures are bright. You can find plastic sunglasses in fun colors from many discount stores.
  • Bubbles because they blew you away. Just prepare to have a classroom full of bubbles and a popping frenzy to follow!
  • Crazy straws because you’ll miss them like crazy. Pair the straws with a cup of lemonade for a taste of summer.
  • Bouncy balls because it’s been a ball to learn together. Party supply stores often have these available to purchase in-bulk for a low price.
  • Inflatable beach balls as a yearbook. Your class will enjoy signing each other’s beach balls and sharing memories together.

DIY End-of-Year Gifts for Students

If you are feeling crafty, then try one of these DIY end of year gifts for students.

  • Bookmarks so they can enjoy reading all summer. Download these free printable bookmarks and during your end-of-year celebration, students can decorate their bookmarks by adding their names, using classroom stickers, or other supplies in the classroom.
  • Customized notebook to start the next year on the right foot. Decorate the front cover of the notebook for each student by including their name, a relevant or inspirational quote, or make it extra special by adding things you know they like, eg. if a student loves skateboarding, draw a skateboard!
  • Framed class picture to remember all the good times together. Print copies of the class picture and “mat” them to cardstock or cardboard. Decorate the borders yourself or make it a class activity to decorate together with some of their favorite memories from the year.

Ideas for Easy End-of-Year Gifts for Students

Some student gift ideas are best enjoyed during your end of year celebration.

Before choosing which snacks to serve, be sure to take into account any food allergies or health conditions, such as diabetes, that your students may have. It's generally a good idea to provide alternatives to any snacks that include nuts or sugar, so that everyone can participate in the festivities!

  • Ice pop “bouquets” because your students are super cool. Tie a few unfrozen sugar-free ice pops together with a ribbon and – voila – you’ve made an ice pop bouquet!
  • Or fruit “bouquets!” Create a floral arrangement carving flowers into melons and serving on skewers. Or keep it simple by artfully arranging some berries on toothpicks.
  • A summer classic: Ants on a log. There are a few variations on this snack, so your students can have options for creating their perfect treat. Using carrots or celery as your logs, provide hummus, or cream cheese for students to spread on their veggies and then add as many ants (raisins or shelled sunflower seeds) as they like!
  • Popping candy because being their teacher rocked. You can almost hear your classroom popping already…

With these easy end of year gifts for students, celebrating the end of the school year should be a breeze. And you can pair any of these gift ideas with one of these free printable gift tags for students.


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