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Free Printable End-of-Year Gift Tags for Students

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Send your students into summer break with a smile! Create a memorable send-off to this school year—and save time preparing—with these free printable end of year gift tags for students.

You’ve spent a year with your class as they’ve learned and grown, and while you know you’ve done everything you can to help them succeed, you still want to give them a little extra encouragement for the future. Use these end of year student gift tags to give your class some positive reinforcement as they leave your classroom for the last time.

Print These End of the Year Gift Tags for Students for Free

These printable tags are designed to fit on standard 8.5x11” paper so that you can easily download, print, and cut out multiple tags without needing too many pages. You can also pair these tags with a small gift or treat so that your students go into summer with even more happy memories of being in your class.

Try these end of the year gift tags for students now.


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