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Inspiring Black History Month Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

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Black History Month Bulletin Board

Black History Month is an opportunity for you to shed light on some of the most significant African American voices of the 21st century as well as lesser-known individuals who sought equality for all. What better way to present information to students than by decorating classroom or school bulletin boards with a Black History Month theme?

If you need some creative inspiration to get started, we compiled some great Black History Month bulletin board ideas for elementary and middle school.

Black History Bulletin Boards

Ms. Kelly got creative with Black History Month trivia to test her students' knowledge of African American history. Can you answer all of her questions?


By adding keywords like this school counselor did, you can draw attention to your Black History Month bulletin board and shed light on the actions of important figures in history.


Use a colorful background and involve your students. They can color cut-outs to brighten up your classroom and hallway!


This great example sheds light both on the accomplishments of African Americans in history and of students!


This school decided to display the achievements of African Americans from different fields—activism, world leadership, religion, philosophy, and more. The list goes on!


The theme on this bulletin board is timeless: honor the past, celebrate the present, educate and inspire the future (your students!).


Mrs. Bisher got creative and used a flip-up format to quiz her students on different African American figures in history.


Find ways to give your bulletin boards some pizzazz—like how these examples use cut-outs and big text to draw attention to important leaders in history.

We hope these ideas are useful for your classroom! As you celebrate Black History Month, it's important to honor the achievements of African Americans and shed light on the triumphs and tragedies that they have faced throughout history.


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