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We help you inspire a new generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers

Our work at HMH® is the outcome of our guiding purpose, vision, and values. By learning more about us, you’ll discover what makes our products and services so exceptional. It’s not only because of our long history of innovation but also because of our people and their commitment to educators and learners. We share an understanding of what an enormous privilege it is to invite young people to become the heroes of their own narratives, to shape the arc of a story, and to change a life. That is the power of learning.

We bring learning to countless students and teachers—transforming lives, supporting communities, and making our society more open, just, and inclusive for all.

Discover Our Stand and learn about our purpose-driven culture.


These foundational pillars shape our culture and help us come together to lead, create, and innovate to better serve you, your students, and your community.

High Purpose

Our rich history makes us storytellers, but our far-reaching impact on millions of lives makes us story-changers. It is through learning that people create a better world—and we spread learning. This is our High Purpose.

High Performance

When our people and customers are highly performing, we succeed as a company. We are able to create better products and ultimately have a bigger impact on society. This is our Double Bottom Line.


What We Value

Our values outline how we achieve our High Purpose and High Performance. These values represent the best of who we are, who we’ve been, and who we strive to be. They guide the way we make decisions, collaborate, and grow as individuals and as a company.

Our Values

Trust is our foundation. It grows from clarity, consistency, and character.


We embrace diversity and equity. We strive for justice to transform lives.


We support every new generation by learning and growing with them.


We imagine what is possible and implement it without fear of failure.


We have the courage to lead and disrupt because what we value demands it.


We take ownership because our work is greater than our individual achievements.

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Working collaboratively to realize great outcomes
John "Jack" Lynch
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, HMH
Joe Abbott
Chief Financial Officer
William Bayers
General Counsel
Amy Dunkin
General Manager, Professional Services
Mike Evans
Chief Revenue Officer
Matthew Mugo Fields
General Manager, Supplemental and Intervention Solutions and President of Heinemann
Peter George
Chief Technology Officer
Kristen Duffy Lavelle
Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Customer Experience
Amy Metet
Chief Information Officer
Bianca Olson
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Jim O’Neill
General Manager, Core Solutions
Alejandro Reyes
Chief People Officer
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Corporate Governance

Providing information about our global learning company

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Join the team that's shaping the future of education

From working with customers to developing innovative products that take learning from the classroom into the real world, HMH offers a host of employment opportunities.

Join our family and make a difference.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Taking action to be a force for positive change in our world.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At HMH, Corporate Social Responsibility efforts focus on improving educational outcomes for Pre-K–12 students in underserved communities through a combination of volunteerism, in-kind donations, and strategic nonprofit partnerships.

Explore our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

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Our Legacy

From Nathaniel Hawthorne to Kwame Alexander, from Colburn’s Intellectual Arithmetic to Into Math, HMH has been inspiring readers and supporting students and teachers since 1832.

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