New Report Shows Educators Looking for More Holistic Well-Being Support

HMH’s 2023 Educator Confidence Report Part 2 reveals what teachers need to fight burnout as basic needs remain unmet

BOSTON – Today, learning technology company HMH released part two of the 2023 Educator Confidence Report, revealing new findings on how educators are feeling about the issues that impact their health, happiness and success. In Outlook on Teacher Well-Being, the survey found that both teachers and administrators are looking for tangible supports for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their students, among essentials like improved salary and adequate funding.

Part 1 of the Educator Confidence Report, released last month, uncovered the 2023 Educator Confidence Index which underscored these findings with a similar sentiment. Confidence in the profession improved slightly to 42.0 from 40.0 (out of 100) in 2022, showing signs of potential stabilization, but underscoring educators’ need for increased support.

Educator Concerns and a Recipe for Burnout

While a majority of educators (73%) have no plans to leave the profession, many still voiced concerns over basic needs like salaries and a lack of funding, consistent with results over the last several years. Unsurprisingly, educators also expressed concern about mental health challenges including the mental health of fellow educators (70%) as well as students (70%).

With the constant need to be “on,” educators are faced with the difficult task of balancing their own needs with the needs of each and every one of their students. With burnout a growing concern, more than three quarters of educators (82%), noted that a more balanced workload or staffing plan that supports overall well-being would have a significant positive impact on them. To further combat burnout, teachers also expressed interest in finding ways to get more time for themselves during the day (65%).

While these concerns and needs point to complex systemwide challenges, Part 1 of HMH’s Educator Confidence Report, Outlook on Teaching and AI, also found cautious optimism around generative AI as a potential tool for battling teacher burnout by supporting their workflow and giving them time back.

“Teachers are spending their nights and weekends preparing for all of the work they do, leaving little time to dedicate to themselves—a recipe for burnout,” said Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President, Research at HMH. “However, we see a bright spot in the role emerging technologies can play as a solution to help give them time back to do what they do best—connect with students in a meaningful way.”

Motivators for New and Existing Educators

Addressing teachers’ concerns will not only benefit those in the classroom but will help attract and retain the next generation of educators. Current educators reported that improved salary benefits (87%), adequate funding for classroom needs like supplies and resources (66%) and support for educator well-being and physical health (55%) would all help to appeal to new teachers.

For existing educators, the report found that a top motivator is seeing student improvement and success (61%). They also felt motivated when they had more support from their district (59%) and when they felt more appreciation from parents and their local community (56%).

This fall, HMH will release Part 3 of the Educator Confidence Report: Outlook on Academic Recovery, which will explore what educators report that they need most, especially from edtech, in order to bolster student achievement. Download the full Part 2: Outlook on Teacher Well-Being here.

About the Educator Confidence Report
The Educator Confidence Report is HMH’s annual barometer for how educators in schools across the country are feeling about the state of teaching and learning. It is an independent study, distributed to a diverse national cross section. The ninth annual Educator Confidence Report, underwritten by HMH and conducted between May-June 2023 with MarketCast, surveyed more than 1,200 educators, including 1,000 teachers and 215 administrators.

Learn more about the 2023 Educator Confidence Report here.

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