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Educator Perception of Academic Growth Is on the Rise, New Study Shows

Part Three of HMH’s 2023 Educator Confidence Report underscores need for more personalized resources and connected tech tools to support all learners

BOSTON– Today, learning technology company HMH released the third and final piece of its 2023 Educator Confidence Report, which takes a closer look at educator sentiment about student academic achievement and the role technology can play in improving student outcomes. More than half (55%) of educators agree that targeted instructional resources are key to continuing to accelerate achievement and (54%) find that edtech maximizes overall efficiency. Outlook on Academic Recovery both explores the bright spots in the ways edtech is supporting recovery and further underscores the need for connected tools that personalize instruction.

“Teachers have told us that differentiating instruction in order to meet the needs of all students is one of their most significant challenges,” said Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President, Research at HMH. “As educators continue down the road of academic recovery, we are seeing that thoughtfully built technology solutions can extend their reach and ensure each student gets what they need to thrive.”

What Educators Need Most

Despite the challenges and disruptions caused by the pandemic over the last three years, educator perception of student academic growth is steadily increasing. When asked to describe students’ academic achievement this past school year, 37% said “much more growth” and “somewhat more growth,” up from 31% in 2022 and 12% in 2021. More than half of educators (59%) say that instructional resources that support differentiation for all learners have been effective in accelerating student achievement. The survey found that, similar to recent years, 97% of teachers are confident in their tech abilities. This past year, they cited that the benefits of technology include improved student engagement (53%), improved educators’ ability to deliver differentiated, individualized instruction (48%) and time savings in teacher workflows and processes (46%).

Vital Technology

Educators point to many edtech solutions as vital to their classrooms today, including tools that deliver interactive learning opportunities (65%) and those that enable them to monitor and improve student well-being (45%). Educators also believe that both online assessments (33%) and tools that seamlessly link assessment with instruction (30%) will become vital in the near future.

Notably, 68% of educators believe that the technology that connects instruction and assessment on one platform has the power to transform teaching and learning.

Download the full Part 3: Outlook on Academic Recovery here.

About the Educator Confidence Report

The Educator Confidence Report is HMH’s annual barometer for how educators in schools across the country are feeling about the state of teaching and learning. It is an independent study, distributed to a diverse national cross section. The ninth annual Educator Confidence Report, underwritten by HMH and conducted between May-June 2023 with MarketCast, surveyed more than 1,200 educators, including 1,000 teachers and 215 administrators.

Learn more about the 2023 Educator Confidence Report here.

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