What Matters: Glimpsing into Guided Reading for Beginning and Progressing Readers

How can you ensure guided reading has a positive impact on student learning? Join HMH® program author Jill Eggleton and discover the components of an effective guided reading lesson for beginning and progressing readers. During the workshop, Jill will explore the black and white of the science of reading and share strategies for authentically embedding social and emotional learning into reading practice and instruction.

Looking to take your guided reading routines to the next level? Attend this hands-on literacy workshop live and bring your questions for Jill! LIVE attendees will receive a professional development certificate of completion and access to a sample guided reader from Jill Eggleton's new Rigby® JillE Literacy® series!


Leveled Student Books, a 50-50 mix of fiction and nonfiction, feature rich texts to spark curiosity and critical thinking. Additionally, each Leveled Student Book title in the JillE Literacy program also includes a matching Take & Teach Book, which is a teacher version of the same text with embedded at-a-glance support and guidance for teaching essential skills in context.


Key webinar takeaways from Jill designed to spark conversation and help educators further support and engage their Beginning and Progressing Readers.

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Rigby JillE Literacy® 

A balanced K–3 literacy experience that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity.

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