Reading Between the Lines

Carol Jago

The texts students encounter online and in print often contain multiple layers of meaning, not all of which are apparent to students upon a single superficial reading. Learn methods for helping students develop confidence in their own ability to comprehend.

"While skimming and scanning is an important survival skill, students also need to learn to slow down, draw inferences, and unlock meaning in complex text."

Children today will need to become what Dr. Maryanne Wolf calls “bi-literate.” This means our students will need to read capably and confidently, adjusting to the demands of the task and requirements of the text as presented.

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HMH Into Reading

Carol Jago is an author of HMH Into Reading, a K-6 core literacy solution designed to meet the diverse growth needs of every learner in your classroom. HMH Into Reading allows you to guide students on the path to independent reading and effective oral and written communication with resources that are flexible and available in both print and digital formats.