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Join Us to Explore the Role of Visualization in Singapore Math®

59:52 Minutes

Are your students struggling to master word problems? Discover how the Bar Model Method guides students in utilizing visualization techniques to confidently solve word problems. Our experts will explore effective strategies for word problems, number bonds, and part–whole thinking.

Join us to discover new strategies for students at all grade levels.

Christopher Coyne

Chris is a veteran educator with more than 20 years of exemplary service. He has taught at the elementary and middle school levels at suburban as well as urban schools. Chris also has experience in school leadership, having served as principal at the elementary level. Chris has worked with teachers in the country of Brunei as they implemented Singapore Math® and has visited schools, classrooms, and teachers in Singapore.

Britt Robinson

Britt Robinson has loved Math in Focus ever since she missed a Math in Focus Grade 3 problem—she knew she needed this math program for her students! She has been involved with Math in Focus for the last eight years whether she has been teaching it in the classroom, working with teachers on implementation, or transforming schools that have had it for many years. Britt taught English in China and Japan before receiving her Masters in Education in Math and Science from the University of Colorado–Denver. She has taught Grades 4, 5, and 6 in the public school setting and served on the District Teacher Leadership Team. During that time, she served as a model teacher for her peers, mentored new teachers, and helped bring Math in Focus to her district. Because of her in-depth mathematical knowledge and exemplary instruction of the Singaporean pedagogy, Britt was asked to join the Math in Focus Consultant Team and has been working throughout the U.S. as a per diem consultant. She also brought Math in Focus to the Republic of the Marshall Islands, has worked with schools in Beijing, and continues to help implement MIF nationally and internationally. She is now a Senior Professional Learning Consultant for Math in Focus.