Coaching for Greatness: Every Teacher Deserves a Coach

We don’t have to look far outside of education to see how coaching has led professionals to greatness in industries like music, sports, etc. The same kind of continuous professional development is attainable in education through job-embedded, personalized coaching that will elevate teacher success. A long-term coaching plan is a continuous investment into the overall health of your educational team and your teachers’ individual growth. With the support of a dedicated coach, teachers can create lasting effects on student outcomes and exceed their professional goals.

Join us for a discussion around how to shift our paradigms, invest in our educators, and create a coaching practice that informs how we all can drive teacher engagement, retention, and schoolwide outcomes. In this edWebinar, you:

  • Learn tools to evaluate your current resources and develop your own coaching practice
  • Leave with a template to create a multi-year coaching plan with resources for your teachers
  • Explore how coaching can build capacity when funding is a challenge

This recorded edWebinar is of interest to K-12 school and district leaders as well as teachers.

About the Presenters

Ileana Valdes is an Instructional Coach with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Ileana has over 10 years of experience in education, corporate and school levels. Her personal values, leadership, and creativity give her the opportunity to grow and keep learning. She worked as an Administrative and Professional Development Coordinator in HMH’s office in Puerto Rico.

Kirstin Fowler-Liu, MAT/MA is a Senior Implementation Manager with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Professional Services division. Kirstin is a former English and social studies teacher, education entrepreneur, and art historian. Her work emphasizes elevating student success by building teacher and administrator capacity and skills through professional development.

Stephanie Meewes has over 15 years of educational experience as a language arts teacher and presently serves Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Professional Services as a Senior Implementation Manager. She enjoys partnering with customers to craft programs and practice-based professional learning solutions that promote student learning.