Change Agents Rising

60 Minutes

Watch this dynamic session with Dr. Drummond as he prioritizes the key levers of leadership that positively influence instructional practices, learner engagement, and community advocacy. Learn to enhance culture for students and staff; leverage instructional planning to meet the needs of students in highly rigorous and relevant classrooms; ensure learner engagement occurs through effective strategies for all learners; and examine the attributes of transformation–hope, power, and perseverance.

Dr. Adam Drummond has served the educational community in many roles, as a teacher, district professional, learning coordinator, university adjunct professor, school principal, and most importantly, as a life-long learner. He believes that to effect the change needed for successful 21st-century learning, we need to commit to growth at all levels of leadership; that means teachers, coaches, principals, superintendents, as well as students. Adam has spent the past 15 years building and sharing his expertise in literacy, leadership development, and systemic planning with schools and districts and is lucky to share this passion with the broader ICLE community. Adam is a firm believer that learning is not restricted to the classroom!