Assessments of Today and Imagining Tomorrow

60 Minutes

Explore the different types of assessments used in today’s classrooms, and learn how and when to use them to best support teaching and learning throughout the year. Dr. Julie Miles unpacks challenges to students, teachers, and administrators that present-day forms of assessments can present and provides actionable guidance. Dr. Miles also reflects on the use of artificial intelligence that could help educators creatively overcome challenges presented by the assessments of tomorrow.

Julie Miles, PhD is a renowned expert in educational measurement, standard setting methodology, psychometrics, content development, product development, efficacy, and accessibility. She uses her wide-ranging perspective in the K–12 education market to create robust solutions to complex teaching and learning challenges in a constantly changing landscape. She is passionate about turning data into meaningful information and actionable insights to support instructionally relevant decision-making. Her reason “why” is to do the right thing for learners and their teachers.