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Powerful solutions to address the diverse skills of all learners.

Enhance core ELA instruction with assessment, adaptive practice, and writing support.

1:1 Reading Tutoring and Assessment with Amira

Amira offers powerful 1:1 reading tutoring to supplement Journeys skills instruction.

  • Assesses oral reading fluency, screens for dyslexia, and automatically places students into 1:1 reading tutoring
  • Proven to be even more effective for multilingual learners
  • Demonstrates strong levels of evidence under ESSA

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Personalized Practice and Instruction with Waggle

Get the extra practice your students need most with Waggle’s recommended assignments. Journeys and Collections with Waggle K–8 combine student-centered instruction with powerful personalization, immersing students in rigorous, skills-based practice that assesses knowledge in real time. Waggle supports students by providing a digital option for online, skills-based differentiation.

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Scaffolded Writing Practice with Writable

Give students the level of reading and writing support that’s right for them. When used together, Collections with Writable helps you save time grading and guide students earlier in the writing process with real-time, point-of-use feedback. Find out how Writable can boost writing achievement.