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We are your partner for shaping student success with easy-to-administer assessments, best-in-class core instruction, personalized supplemental practice, intensive intervention, and meaningful professional learning all uniquely integrated to empower teaching and learning on one platform.

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We are grateful that you have chosen us in the past for your Math, English Language Arts, and Science programs. As an EdTech leader of innovative and research-backed solutions, we are happy to share our newest programs with you.

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New Go Math! on Ed
Grades K–6

Loyal Go Math! users have spoken—and we listened. We've taken some of the best parts of the program and combined it with the latest technology, core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning—all in one place with HMH Go Math! on Ed.

Teachers can expect the same, familiar pedagogy with the 5E instructional model, an equitable Spanish experience in both print and digital, and point-of-use strategies for differentiation. As a bonus, this new version includes Waggle for personalized independent practice.

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Into Math
Grades 7–8

HMH Into Math® provides powerful assessments, best-in-class core instruction, personalized supplemental practice and intervention, and meaningful professional learning uniquely connected to empower teaching and learning.

Into Math for grades 7–8 allows you to boost rigor with ease so your students are ready for high school.

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Into AGA
Grades 9–12

HMH Into AGA for Grades 9–12 seamlessly builds on Into Math with a comprehensive Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 curriculum that provides the appropriate depth of knowledge, complexity of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application students need for critical assessments, calculus, college, and career.

Every unit ties mathematical ideas to relevant contexts or career-related examples with STEM projects, allowing students to reach a deeper understanding and see that math has real purpose beyond the classroom.

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Into Reading
Grades K–6

If you liked Journeys, you will love HMH Into Reading®!

Designed to make teaching easier, HMH Into Reading has your resources for K–6 ELA core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning—all in one place.

HMH Into Reading addresses all areas of early literacy with an evidence-based scope and sequence to develop fluent, automatic readers. ¡Arriba la Lectura! (Grades K–6) is an equitable Spanish program for dual language classrooms.

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Into Literature
Grades 6–12

If you enjoyed the classic and contemporary mix of literature in Collections and Into Literature, you will love the new and improved HMH Into Literature®!

Easily connect reading and writing with HMH Into Literature, which has all the resources you need for 6–12 ELA core instruction, scaffolded writing, adaptive assessments, and on-demand professional learning. Delight in the new Novel Study Guides, Visual Vocabulary slides, and direct links to scaffolds and extensions in the online student edition to help struggling and advanced students.

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HMH Into Science
Grades K-5

If you liked HMH Science Fusion, you will love our newest HMH Into Science. This new, connected science solution available on Ed, the HMH learning platform, will meet all your K–5 science classroom needs including full alignment to the NGSS standards, FUNomenal Leveled Readers, same 5E Lesson Design, comprehensive lab kits, You Solve It Simulations, similar consumable student editions, a spiral-bound teacher’s edition, on-demand PD, ScienceSaurus and much more! Additionally, all resources are available in Spanish.

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HMH Into Science
Grades 6-8

Get ready to experience the new HMH Into Science for Grades 6–8 and the Spanish version HMH ¡Arriba las Ciencias!™, where students take part in phenomenon-driven activities that allow them to problem solve like real scientists. The print and digital Student Activity Workbooks and coordinating Teacher Activity Guides are NGSS discipline-aligned with hands-on labs and digital, open-ended simulations that allow students to use technology as a scientist would. Research-based best practices for rigorous science instruction encourage students to collaborate, think critically, and explore science, all within the context of a coherent phenomenon storyline.

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HMH Science Dimensions
Grades 9–12

The field of science is constantly changing with new inventions, innovations, and discoveries!

HMH has developed new and improved science programs for all your high school classes. We've taken some of the best parts of the Holt McDougal Biology, Modern Chemistry®, and Physics programs and created an all-new program with the latest technology, core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning—all on one platform with HMH Science Dimensions® for Grades 9–12.

Encourage students to think like scientists as they learn through exploration, analysis, and application with full coverage of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

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HMH Social Studies
Grades 6-12

Immerse students in history with inquiry-based social studies programs that challenge them to dig into the past and uncover connections to their world.

Help students in grades 6-8 develop a richer understanding of the past with programs for United States History, World Civilizations, Civics, World Geography and African American History. Additionally, programs for grades 9-12 include United States Government, Economics, Psychology, Sociology.

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HMH AP & Electives
Grades 9-12

Deepen students' understanding of critical concepts and their real-world applications with AP and electives offered through our partnership with Wiley.

Explore specialty and advanced courses like AP Human Geography, Introduction to Personal Finance, Economics: Theory and Practice, Psychology in Action, Understanding World Regional Geography and Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts.

Engage every student with supplemental and intervention programs that support your core instruction

Whether your goal is to close learning gaps or to enrich advanced learners, HMH goes beyond core solutions, providing the right supplemental and intervention curriculum to boost student outcomes.

How Do You Screen For Dyslexia In Schools

Achieve two years of reading growth in one year with Read 180*
Grades 3–12

Read 180® is built on more than 20 years of proven efficacy that focuses on social and content-area language that students need as they learn English. Read 180 supports multilingual learners to ensure further understanding for all students.

*Based on HMH-conducted and independent studies

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Get personalized, targeted math intervention with Math 180
Grades 5–12

Math 180® includes language goals, structured classroom discourse routines, and explicit vocabulary instruction aimed at Language for Social and Instructional Purposes and Language for Mathematics as outlined in the WIDA ELD Standards Framework.


Build academic language through explicit routines with English 3D
Grades 4–12

English 3D® is a powerful English language development program that uses explicit routines to give multilingual learners in grades 4–12 the academic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that are vital to success in school and life.

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Boost supplemental practice & instruction with Waggle
Grades K–8

Build foundations and accelerate ELA and math skills growth with Waggle®. Waggle provides real-time support designed specifically for multilingual learners, like academic vocabulary meanings, idioms, figurative language explanations, hints, grammar, Spanish cognates, cultural references, and more.

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Improve writing skills, get automated feedback & assisted grading with Writable
Grades 3–12

Inspire confident, proficient writers with Writable®. Easily and effectively scaffold writing tasks using supports designed specifically for multilingual learners. Assign writing frames at different levels of support to provide a gradual release as students move toward writing independence.

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Provide 1:1 reading tutoring, oral reading fluency assessment, and dyslexia risk screening in English and Spanish with Amira
Grades K–5

Proven to be as effective as a human tutor, Amira Learning® is even more effective for multilingual learners. Amira demonstrates strong evidence—the highest ESSA rating—and is an eligible solution for ESSER funding.

Learn more about HMH’s newest solutions to accelerate learning.

Spanish Connected Solutions - Spanish

We are your partner for shaping student success with easy-to-administer assessments, best-in-class core instruction, personalized supplemental practice, intensive intervention, and meaningful professional learning all uniquely integrated to empower teaching and learning on one platform.

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We are offering a book bundle raffle, and other prizes. We invite you to explore our new teaching and learning solutions designed to elevate the potential of every student.

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