Summary of 20 Years of Research on the Effectiveness of Adolescent Literacy Programs & Practices

At a glance

  • Strong Evidence
  • Program: Read 180®
  • Subjects: Literacy Curriculum, Intervention Curriculum
  • Report Type: Publication from External Organization, Study Conducted by Third Party
  • Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, High
  • Evaluation Period: 1995–2015
  • Study Conducted by: Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) examined studies published over the past 20 years using What Works Clearinghouse standards to review READ 180. Their review identified 33 studies that examined the effectiveness of programs and practices on reading comprehension, vocabulary, or general literacy for general education students in Grades 6–12 residing in the United States. Of these studies, 12 were found to have positive effects. The results indicated that READ 180 had positive effects when it came to explicit instruction in reading comprehension, explicit instruction in vocabulary, fluency building, and instructional routine.