READ 180

The leading blended-learning reading
intervention solution

From the very beginning, READ 180® has been innovating—from pioneering blended learning to becoming the world’s most proven reading intervention solution. Having touched the lives of 10 million students in its first 20 years, READ 180 stands at the forefront—and is always looking ahead.

As we continue to evolve toward the next 20 years, we’re not just ready for the future—we’re creating it.

Evolution of READ 180
A Legacy Is Launched

READ 180 launches as the only reading intervention program entirely driven by adaptive technology. It is quickly implemented in hundreds of schools nationwide, giving struggling readers access to life-changing literacy instruction. 

A Bold New Enterprise

READ 180 pioneers blended learning by releasing the Enterprise edition, which includes whole-class and small-group instruction support for students and teachers. 

Introducing the Interactive Teaching System

READ 180’s Interactive Teaching System goes live, making it easier for teachers to incorporate whiteboard technology into instruction and access content and resources online. 

Ushering in the Next Generation

READ 180 Next Generation gives educators greater access to data and resources, and provides students with their own dashboard, promoting ownership of learning. 

READ 180 Goes Universal

READ 180 Universal launches with a brand-new curriculum that unlocks the power of whole-brain reading, with more applied science to understand how students learn to meet their individual needs. 

READ 180 Reaches with New Content

READ 180 Universal introduces REACH: 6 new workshops for year two with fresh and engaging content for each stage. For the first time, these workshops are available in a single workshop configuration.

Discover how READ 180 can help your students accelerate.