Optimizing learning outcomes for every student

Schools and districts across the country have realized enormous benefits from educational technology; 82% of administrators agree that technology has strengthened their teachers’ practice. Successfully implementing and maintaining technology requires specialized knowledge. Realizing its full potential requires something else.

It requires coaches who are as dedicated to student outcomes as you are. Our Technical Services team members collaborate with customers every day, sharing best practices from across the country and the district next door. They will help you think through options to improve your practices—and produce those positive student outcomes.

Our technical support is driven by teams of dedicated professionals who care as much about your hopes and goals as you do.

Whether it’s a phone call, a one-day training, or a year-long partnership, you’ll receive the right support at the right time.

Our customer satisfaction rate is over 97% and our Net Promoter Score is 85.

We can help you achieve your goals

From coaching for end-users and online courses to long-term collaborations and data-analyzing consultants, our technical services experts can deliver guidance and support custom fit to meet your specific needs.


Specific, Targeted Assistance

Whether it’s management tips for multiple computers in the classroom, or advanced uses of digital programs, we’re here to assist on site or remotely.


Plan Activities

End of Year and Back to School webinars help technical and curriculum leaders plan activities to capture data at the end of the school year, and prepare rostering files for the next school year. Webinars are free of charge!


Dedicated, Yearlong Support

A designated Technical Services Consultant will assist with planning, preparing, and reporting on HMH® programs while a Technical Project Manager tracks activities throughout the year and facilitates communications between the district and HMH.


Understanding Your Data

Data Services team members help you understand the needs of your students and the gains they’re achieving. Additionally, our Technical Services Engineers can help you with technical solutions for your advanced implementation.

"Brittany understands the urgency for teachers and students to have HMH resources available at all times. Her response time to resolve issues is remarkable."

Letonya C. Brown Houston Independent School District

Selected offerings

Looking for custom implementation help? Or a seamless integration of applications across multiple platforms? We offer streamlined support, plus many other solutions for individual needs.


From teacher technology coaching to district-level software and infrastructure consultation, we’re ready to help you with custom implementation.


Maximize technical readiness and instruction throughout the year with an elevated level of technical service and proactive support.

Success stories

In the end, it’s all about results. We can address unique needs—and turn major problems into lasting solutions.

Tell us about your technical needs.