Improve every student’s reading trajectory with powerful, data-driven insights

Surrounding students with a wide variety of leveled literature, fiction, and nonfiction texts is a first step to inspiring lifelong readers. Pairing these choices with a supportive program that keeps students coming back for more creates strong independent readers. Reading Counts! brings success to teachers, students, and district leaders alike.

Student Experience

When students read independently, they flex their reading comprehension skills and become confident learners. Even struggling readers step up to the challenge when they see the progress they’re making with Reading Counts!

Match books to students' interests and reading level

When students are selecting books and topics of interest, generating their own reading lists, and checking their progress after taking quizzes they are empowered to advance with confidence.

As they progress through the program and grade levels, students can customize their interests and reading lists to maintain engagement.

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Teacher Experience

To ensure every student meets today’s standards requiring more complex texts,  teachers need insight into individual reading levels and progress. Reading Counts! combines flexible instruction, high-quality book recommendations, practice, powerful assessment, and reporting to guide students to college- and career- readiness.

Support differentiation with data-management software and actionable data.

Because every quiz provides a true formative, curriculum-based assessment, Reading Counts! serves as an ongoing progress monitor, enabling teachers to determine when instructional strategies are working.

Up-to-the-minute, customizable reports support targeted, data-driven instruction so teachers can provide extra challenge, encouragement, or intervention as needed.

As students are encouraged to stretch their reading proficiency for college- and career- readiness, Reading Counts! provides data on how well students are reading more complex text independently. 

Online Implementation Training

This two-hour training module moderated by an educator and program expert can be customized to meet the needs of all participants. The training provides proven strategies, best practices, and great ideas to integrate this independent reading program into your school community.

In-Person Training

Participants in our in-person training will learn the key features of Reading Counts! and how to customize the program to fit their students’ needs and their own instructional goals. Training also covers using SAM™ to simplify record keeping and report generation, applying data to target instruction and monitor progress, and using the Lexile® Framework for Reading as a measure for reading success.

Leaders gain insights at district, school, and individual student levels

Education leaders responsible for district-wide literacy improvement initiatives welcome the support of a powerful and cost-effective independent reading program that easily integrates with core reading programs already in use. Actionable reports offer easy-to-digest overviews of student performance, program usage, and reading growth over time.

Improve every student’s reading trajectory

Reading Counts! begins by providing a clear picture of each student’s reading level and a plan to put them on a track to success with more complex text. When students become confident independent readers, they build the important foundational skills they need for college- and career- readiness.

Empower educators with actionable data

Powerful, real-time data and reporting enable reading teachers to differentiate instruction and provide just-in-time support, encouragement, challenge, or intervention.

Monitor growth over time, district-wide

For administrators, reading specialists, teachers, and librarians, Reading Counts! is a simple yet powerful tool that ensures reading success at the individual, classroom, school, and district level.

Turn even struggling students into lifelong readers

Reading Counts! helps struggling students experience the power of reading and its impact on their learning, helping them become motivated, lifelong readers.


Reading Counts! is an integral part of our core and intervention literacy programs, matching students to appropriate texts and measuring their understanding.

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