Paving the path to success

HMH Math Inventory delivers low-stress, accurate universal screening and growth monitoring for kindergarten to Algebra II, empowering educators to measure with confidence, target instruction, and elevate student outcomes.

Research Based

HMH Math Inventory assesses students’ math abilities and performance based on the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, a scientific taxonomy of more than 500 math concepts and skills that places students’ readiness for math instruction and the difficulty of math tasks on the same scale.

Universal Screener

Reliable data guide teachers in making grouping and intervention recommendations.

Informs Instruction

By utilizing the same scoring scale, teachers can compare readiness levels with instructional tasks to inform instruction.

Student Experience

HMH Math Inventory adapts to student ability levels and individual learning needs with support including read-alouds and growth-mindset feedback.

Teacher Experience

HMH Math Inventory gives teachers the accurate and actionable data they need to measure, plan, and implement customized teaching strategies.

Support for Leaders

Analytics at the building and district levels measure growth, math proficiency, teaching trends, and more, providing leaders with robust support to make critical decisions.

In-person and online Professional Learning ensure effective implementation

Interpret Data 
Coaches assist in learning to interpret data and reporting in a way that allows for effective instruction and intervention planning. 

Identify Readiness
Teachers are guided in learning to use data to identify student readiness for new math concepts. 

Measure Growth and Goals
Coaches walk teachers through accurately measuring growth and setting appropriate goals based on student data. 

Identify Intervention Needs
Coaches guide teachers through the process of utilizing data to identify students in need of intervention.

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