Foster critical thinking and inspire the scientists of tomorrow
Grades 9–12 Science Core

Learn to think like a scientist with Holt Science Spectrum®. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s introductory Physical Science program integrates chemistry, physics, and applied mathematics, and, optionally, Earth and space science. The program emphasizes the important connections between these subjects and their cross-disciplinary applications. It fosters curiosity, encourages problem solving, and promotes analytical thinking—cultivating the skills students need to be future scientists.

Student Resources

Student Edition

Reading Support
Reading tips and exercises help students unlock science content. These are available at the beginning and throughout each chapter to maximize comprehension.

Math Skills Development
Math Skills sections link mathematics directly to science concepts. Practice problems let students check their understanding and apply what they’ve learned.

Inquiry and Hands-On Learning
Each chapter begins with an Inquiry Lab activity that gets students thinking. Quick Labs and Chapter Labs reinforce key science concepts, with a focus on experimental skills.


In addition to the Interactive Online Edition, students have access to a variety of digital resources for each chapter, including:

  • Visual Concepts
  • Super Summaries
  • Interactive Concept Maps
  • Virtual Investigations

Teacher Resources

Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition provides Differentiated Instruction support to help you reach all your students and prepare them for success. Suggestions and strategies are listed at the beginning of each chapter and at point of use for efficient lesson planning.

More Resources

Additional teaching resources are found online. These include:

  • Online Transparencies
  • Chapter Tests A and B
  • Pretests
  • Quizzes
  • Standardized Test Practice with Guided Reading Development

See how Holt Science Spectrum supports your students.