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HMH Science provides a legacy of trusted materials with 21st-century updates. We understand the importance of science in today's classrooms and have designed a program that sparks an interest in science across all areas of study with an engaging blend of digital and hands-on experiences.

Curious learners will be ready to take on the laws of science

Instruction featured in our science texts is proven to develop proficiency.

Lessons leverage the latest in scientific research with contributions from leading researchers and practitioners.

Courses are strengthened by feedback from continuous testing by third-party evaluators.

See what HMH Science has in store for your classroom.

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Inspire curious minds

Today’s science classrooms are comprised of students with widely differing abilities and learning styles. HMH Science provides teachers with time-saving, manageable resources targeted specifically for English language learners, inclusion, below level, and advanced learners. A wealth of activities, teaching resources, and exciting features will ignite class discussion and critical thinking. Leading edge, innovative digital tools and skills-practice resources provide a multimodal approach—an alternative experience—to help all students succeed. 

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Authored by Stephen Nowicki, Biology features vocabulary support for students, assessment tools, labs, data analysis, and more. This program has everything needed to bring biology lessons to life.

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Modern Chemistry

The superior content in Modern Chemistry® has been trusted by teachers for 100 years and features updates for today’s classroom. Problem-solving support and interactive features help students navigate labs and lessons for learning chemistry.

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This comprehensive high school physics program features up-to-date content with a supporting Interactive Reader. This textbook and digital program bring together concepts and problem solving with print and online resources and open-ended labs.

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Environmental Science

Engagingly designed for students with varied interests and learning abilities, Environmental Science appeals directly to high school students. Find out more about the digital EcoZine and virtual investigations offered.

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Family Experience

Family Room—a family-friendly part of HMH’s learning platform—supports diverse learning environments and makes at-home learning more manageable for families and caregivers by providing equitable, on-demand resources to help support their children.

With Family Room, families and caregivers can:
With Family Room, families and caregivers can:
  • Access their child’s learning via the student’s log in
  • Find simple, helpful, and equitable at-home learning resources in both English and Spanish
  • Explore tips and videos personalized to their child’s learning
Authors Advisors


An expert approach to science instruction

These textbooks are backed by the research and writings of authors and advisors who know science. Educators can feel confident in the quality of material our textbooks bring to their classroom.

Dr. Stephen Nowicki
Dean and Vice Provost, Duke University
Dr. Jerry Sarquis
Professor Emeritus, Miami University - Oxford, OH
Mickey Sarquis
Professor Emerita, Miami University - Oxford, OH
Dr. Mike Heithaus
Dean and Professor, Florida International University, Miami
Jerry Faughn
Co-author of Holt McDougal Physics
Raymond Serway
Co-author of Holt McDougal Physics
News Events

News & Events

Keep up with science trends, blogs, and more
Kaley Douglas
Next Generation Science Standards in Action
October 1: Still curious about how the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS) are transforming the science classroom? Join Kaley Douglas for an interactive workshop where you'll get to experience the… Learn more
Molly Allewalt
Explore Crosscutting Concepts: Systems and System Models
October 8: This session will focus on the Crosscutting Concepts (CCC) of the NGSS with an emphasis on systems and system models. Crosscutting Concepts—one of the NGSS' three dimensions—play a… Learn more
Dr. Stephen Nowicki
How Occam's Razor Is Sometimes Dulled: The Story of Birdsong and Braininess
October 15: Twenty years ago, Dr. Stephen Nowicki and his team proposed a hypothesis on birdsong that has since been supported by data from labs around the world. The "developmental… Learn more
Nancy-Geer Hamilton
Strategies for SEL Success
October 22: Why do we become educators? Some of us go into teaching because we love children. Others feel passionate about a subject area and want to share their expertise… Learn more
Dr. Cary Sneider
Making Assessments Sparkle with Engineering
October 29: Engineering tasks challenge students to use their science know-how to solve real-world problems. The result: tangible evidence of three-dimensional learning. You can learn how to develop such assessments… Learn more
Aaron Levy
Addressing Access & Equity in the Science Classroom
November 5: Teachers are always on the lookout for new ways to support all of the learners in their classrooms, from students who struggle with reading to those who are… Learn more

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HMH Science Dimensions is a brand-new K–12 science program built specifically to address NGSS* and the Three Dimensions of Science Learning.

HMH Science Dimensions®
Elevate science literacy and engineering to meet new standards with ease

ScienceFusion is a state-of-the-art science program designed for building inquiry and STEM skills for students in K–8. 

Reenergize science class and hook your students on discovery

Learn how HMH Science could work in your classroom.

*Next Generation Science Standards and logo are registered trademarks of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and they do not endorse it.

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