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Today’s science classrooms are comprised of students with widely differing abilities and learning styles. HMH Science provides teachers with time-saving, manageable resources targeted specifically for English language learners, inclusion, below level, and advanced learners. A wealth of activities, teaching resources, and exciting features will ignite class discussion and critical thinking. Leading edge, innovative digital tools and skills-practice resources provide a multimodal approach—an alternative experience—to help all students succeed. 


Authored by Stephen Nowicki, Biology features vocabulary support for students, assessment tools, labs, data analysis, and more. This program has everything needed to bring biology lessons to life.

Modern Chemistry

The superior content in Modern Chemistry® has been trusted by teachers for 100 years and features updates for today’s classroom. Problem-solving support and interactive features help students navigate labs and lessons for learning chemistry.


This comprehensive high school physics program features up-to-date content with a supporting Interactive Reader. This textbook and digital program bring together concepts and problem solving with print and online resources and open-ended labs.

Environmental Science

Engagingly designed for students with varied interests and learning abilities, Environmental Science appeals directly to high school students. Find out more about the digital EcoZine and virtual investigations offered.

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