Streamline and strengthen K–5 science

HMH Into Science nurtures students with a simpler, more effective learning solution. The 3-dimensional learning combined with a phenomena-based storyline meets both the letter and spirit of Next Generation Science Standards.

Student Experience

Simplified content

The Student Activity Guide is about half the size of a traditional student book.

Age-appropriate approach

For Grades K–2, the student books contain only hands-on activities.

Content right on time

For Grades 3–5, when students are more developmentally ready for science content, it is included.

Teacher Experience

Easy to set up

Pre-made equipment kits for each unit make organization easier.

Easy to moderate

Clear activity instructions, discussion prompts, and lesson connections at point of use make K–5 manageable.

Easy to assess

Formative assessments guide instruction and a variety of summative assessment options allow for exceptional flexibility.

Get continuous professional development

HMH Into Science professional learning addresses the needs of elementary teachers who may feel uncomfortable teaching science or struggle to make time for it. Teachers will benefit from a community of live support, including bite-sized, on-demand content that’s curated, relevant, and applicable. This built-in professional learning ensures ongoing professional growth.

related resources
Engineering Is Elementary

Through a partnership with the Boston Museum of Science, HMH Into Science includes Engineering Is Elementary storybooks and teacher guides that cover Life, Physical, and Earth & Space sciences with books and hands-on activities.

Two Whats and a Wow Podcast

National Public Radio’s daily Two Whats?! and a Wow! gameshow-style podcast is designed to excite students and show that science learning is fun. Students can access the podcast directly from their HMH Into Science course online.