Transform unconnected data into actionable insight

As the shift to digital learning generates more data every day, figuring out how to quickly transform the abundance of data into meaningful information that drives change can feel increasingly overwhelming.

HMH Data Insights partners with districts to provide a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution by focusing on the right data sources for improved student outcomes that are uniquely important to your learning community.

More than just a data analysis technology, HMH Data Insights offers a service-driven solution designed to improve the capacity of district and school leaders at all levels to make better data-driven decisions and significantly improve teaching and learning outcomes.


The process of sourcing, cleansing, and transforming data has been simplified for the district, using state-of-the art technologies. Data is compiled into easy-to-understand dashboards to help visualize trends.


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure critical information is protected. User-level access to cloud-based systems limit data uploads and dashboard views to specific district personnel.


The cloud-based architecture of Data Insights allows scalability for the amount of data stored and the frequency of data accessed. This keeps costs low while providing appropriate resources for data processing and storage.

Partnering on a Data-Driven Path to Success

An End-to-End Partnership 

HMH’s K–12 data experts and coaches work with you to define your district's goals and understand your unique challenges. We define the data sets that need to be analyzed and create a secure cloud-based location where data can be analyzed. Using powerful data visualizations and dashboards, Data Insights presents a clear view of your district, and empowers a data-driven culture.

Set a Vision

From defining needs to aligning goals to data sets, HMH® education and data experts meet in person with district leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of district goals and objectives. From there, the teams translate these goals into specific questions and formulate a plan.

Partner to Build a Data Purpose
  • Examine the current data practices.
  • Define specific needs.
  • Develop data goals to drive student outcomes.
  • Identify goal-aligned data sets.

Analyze Data

The difference between actionable data and extraneous reports lies in the ease with which the information can be accessed, digested, understood, and shared. Our data experts collect, analyze, and transform data into easy-to-understand dashboards and visualizations that empower districts to defend their choices.

Leverage the Latest Technology to Analyze Data
  • Ensure secure data aggregation through a protected data lake.
  • Examine data quality.
  • Implement focused data analysis.
  • Turn data into information.

Enable Success

Once data is transformed into dashboards and visualizations, HMH and International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE) education experts and thought leaders work shoulder to shoulder with districts to create an action plan for implementing the needed changes, along with a process for continuous improvement.

Take Action to Improve Student Outcomes
  • Draw insights from information.
  • Transform insight into action.
  • Continue with ongoing data collection.
  • Utilize data support and coaching across user groups.
Partner with us to transform your data into district-wide change.