Make proficiency a reality

Connect a proficiency of speaking French with a passion for culture. Use the authentic resources and real-world-based activities provided to give students new experiences alongside their new language skills with Bien dit!

Advanced Placement

The Teacher’s Edition features Pre-AP™ assessments to help students practice and prepare for AP™ success.

21st-Century Skills

Confident French conversation skills get students ready to participate in our global society and allow for cultural competence.

International Baccalaureate

Cultural context and communication allow IB students to succeed in their target language with the support of rich online resources.

ACTFL Standards

Bien dit! complies with ACTFL®’s Alignment of the National Standards for Learning Languages and the Common Core State Standards.

Bien dit! is a complete French program that supports learning - all aspects - reading, listening, speaking, writing, and that’s what I love about it.”

Lori L. Piece French Teacher, Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
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