Make proficiency a reality

Use authentic resources and real-world-based activities to spark your students’ curiosity. ¡Avancemos! students develop a proficient command of speaking Spanish while fostering a love of new cultural experiences.

HMH Field Trips

Experience a new way to learn

Where will your instruction take you? With HMH Field Trips powered by Google® Expeditions, the answer is virtually anywhere. As a proud Google Content Partner, we have developed 360 degree virtual field trips that allow students to travel through history, explore the world, and witness scientific wonders without ever leaving the classroom!

"Going on Field Trips to Mexico and Spain made me want to learn more Spanish."

¡Avancemos! student St. Emily’s Middle School
Where will your instruction take you?
Advanced Placement

The Teacher’s Edition features Pre-AP™ assessments to help students practice and prepare for AP™ success.

21st-Century Skills

Confident Spanish conversation skills get students ready to participate in our global society and allow for cultural competence.

International Baccalaureate

Cultural context and communication allow IB students to succeed in their target language with the support of rich online resources.

ACTFL Standards

¡Avancemos! complies with ACTFL®’s Alignment of the National Standards for Learning Languages and the Common Core State Standards.

Learn how students' language can thrive by reviewing ¡Avancemos! free for 120 days!

We know success doesn’t come from one solution, but from a network of support. When you select a program from HMH, it’s the start of a relationship—one that helps you implement and raise achievement in the ways that work best for your district, school or classroom.

Bien dit!®

Bien dit! makes learning French an engaging and achievable process for students in Grades 6–12.

Leveraging Biliteracy

Consulting today’s thought leaders in order to foster biliteracy can impact your results.