Enhance both teaching and learning with personalized, adaptive instruction

HMH AGA offers an interactive and engaging student experience with seamless integration of print and digital features for in-class and on-the-go learning. A supportive instructional model enables focused, balanced, and rigorous teaching of math standards.

5E Instructional Model

Consistent Instructional Framework

An accessible 5E framework enables teachers to deliver lessons that balance procedural fluency and conceptual development with the Mathematical Practices.

Focus on Procedures and Concepts

Each lesson immerses students in math procedures and concepts, guiding them to interact with mathematics by engaging, exploring, explaining, elaborating, and evaluating.

Student Experience

With diverse learning styles and variable access to digital devices in school and at home, today’s students benefit from instructional options that match their needs, environment, and digital opportunities. HMH AGA offers a full range of print and online resources to optimize learning their way.

Seamless print-to-digital connection adds convenience and choice to learning.

Ideal as a blended solution, HMH AGA’s print texts - available as Write-in or Hardcover Student Editions - reference the digital learning tools at point of use and provide QR code access to the Resource Locker.

Teacher Experience

New and veteran math teachers alike benefit from HMH AGA’s supportive approach and manageable, standards-based framework. Thoroughly integrated digital and print components developed by math thought leaders help teachers customize the program to meet their instructional preferences, district requirements, and students’ needs.

Digital instruction offers multiple ways to plan, teach, and assess.

A full suite of resources accessible in the all-in-one app simplifies course management and enables dynamic classroom presentations.

The powerful Teacher Dashboard syncs with the Interactive Teacher Edition and its point-of-use teaching strategies, reports, assignments, PD videos, mySmartPlanner, and more.

Prepare students for 21st-century careers

With a digital-first approach and real-world application of math concepts, HMH AGA instills a deep understanding of math concepts to prepare students for the challenges and career opportunities that await them in college and beyond.

Ensure success for every learner

Strong support for differentiation, adaptive instruction, and English learner resources help students of all abilities achieve their full potential. A special Response to Intervention Teacher Resource used in conjunction with Personal Math Trainer supports personalized leveled practice and problem solving, reading skills, challenge for advanced students, and more.

Simplify instruction to meet standards

HMH AGA’s focused, balanced, and rigorous instruction encompasses the intent of the math standards. Supported by the best available digital course management and presentation tools, teachers are able to facilitate in-depth understanding of standards-based content. Performance Tasks at the lesson, module, and unit levels serve as assessments or capstone activities for students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts.

Encourage mathematical thinking

Our all-in-one app enables students to study on the go, in their preferred location. Motivating collaborative features; access to engaging interactive content, videos, and tutorials; and the flexibility to work online or offline all appeal to the busy lifestyle of today’s students.


We know success doesn’t come from one solution, but from a network of support. When you select a program from HMH, it’s the start of a relationship—one that helps you implement and raise achievement in the ways that work best for your district, school, or classroom.

Our team of Professional Learning consultants includes teachers, researchers, and technologists who become part of your team, collaborating to build and implement professional learning plans that respect the unique needs and culture of your school or district.

Professional Learning
Professional Learning

For districts following an integrated high school mathematics path, HMH Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, 3 provides the same digital-first approach, high-quality content, and standards-based focus and rigor as HMH AGA with algebra and geometry content blended throughout three courses.

Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, 3
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