Building literacy through learning

For struggling English learners, the classroom can be an intimidating learning environment. From students who have recently arrived in the country to those who are intermediate-level English learners, differentiated support transforms anxiety into excitement.

ACCESS: Building Literacy Through Learning® offers a series of highly visual, standards-aligned programs designed specifically to help newcomer to intermediate-level English learners build language and learning skills in English, World History, American History, Math, and Science.

Impactful Support for Newcomers

ACCESS supports every newcomer's path to language proficiency with flexible and targeted instruction.

Cross-Curricular Success for English Learners

This content series prepares English learners to successfully tackle their core classes.

Flexible Design for Scaffolded Support

ACCESS enables educators to scaffold content skills, key concepts, and academic language to build proficiency.

ACCESS for Newcomers

Every English learner comes to the classroom with a unique set of individual needs and strengths. Designed specifically for students who have recently immigrated with minimal English skills, ACCESS Newcomers provides an unparalleled ability to differentiate instruction based on specific needs and varying levels of English language proficiency.

Meet Students Where They Are

ACCESS Newcomers is divided into four levels of learning to enable teachers to meet each student where they are in the learning journey. Customizable pacing adapts to your teaching needs while multiple starting points encourage teachers to structure the program according to their students’ needs, experience, and abilities.

ACCESS for Content Areas

ACCESS offers a series of highly visual, standards-aligned programs for English learners who need differentiated support to prepare them for success in their core curriculum. Content area programs include English, World History, American History, Math, and Science.

Standards-Based Instruction

Standards-based instruction in math, science, English, and social studies form the building blocks of academic success.

Built-In Scaffolding

Clear visuals and text features scaffold content while allowing students to build background and activate prior knowledge.

Flexible Implementation

Designed to be flexible enough to fit into any teaching environment, ACCESS includes options for whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction.

Multiple Assessment Levels

Pretests, unit tests, and posttests form a continuous feedback loop for monitoring progress, tailoring instruction, and demonstrating growth.


Designed to support you in elevating your instruction, our program authors and thought leaders have provided a suite of resources to get you inspired.

Authors & Advisors

Leveraging the best thinking from top English learner experts.

Dr. Elva Duran
Co-author, ACCESS
Jo Gusman
Co-author, ACCESS Newcomers and ACCESS ENGLISH
Dr. John Shefelbine
Co-author, ACCESS
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