Dear Families,

child will be using System 44, a multimedia, research-based program that is designed to help students master key foundational reading skills. When students learn to easily decode letters and sounds, they can concentrate on the meaning of words and texts. And when students comprehend more, they learn more.

Please take a tour of this website to find out more about System 44. You will learn:

  • information about the program, which provides a learning experience that is unique to your child.
  • how System 44 works: Your child’s teacher has information about your child’s progress.
  • tips on how you can help your child be a better reader.

All of us here at HMH believe in supporting families and teachers so that children will learn to read and love to read. System 44 is an important part of that goal!

Happy Reading!
Signature of Francie Alexander
HMH Intervention Solutions Chief Academic Officer

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School Spotlight

“I am doing much better; last year I was struggling with reading, [but] I feel I am ready for middle school.”

- Mariely, Upper Elementary
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Helping Your Child

Help your kids become better readers by matching them to the right books at the right time through leveled reading.

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