Welcome to System 44 Next Generation

System 44 is the breakthrough foundational reading and phonics intervention technology program for our most challenged readers in Grades 3–12+. System 44 Next Generation can be implemented in a Stand-Alone class or integrated seamlessly into a READ 180 Next Generation classroom.

Stand Alone

System 44 was designed to be used daily (55–60 minutes) with a small class (10–12 students). Students spend a minimum of 20 minutes on the Software alternating between small-group differentiation and modeled/independent reading. The program can be used effectively during a regular class period, in a resource room, and in after- and summer-school programs.

Stand Alone

For Use with READ 180

System 44 was also designed to work seamlessly with READ 180 in an integrated classroom. Based on data from the HMH Reading Inventory and the HMH Phonics Inventory, students in need of foundational skills should be identified and grouped together to form a group (or two groups) that travel through rotations together.

For Use with READ180