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Dr. Steve Graham

Mary Emily Warner Professor, Teachers College, Arizona State University

Steve Graham is the Warner Professor in the Division of Leadership and Innovation in Teachers College. For over 30 years he has studied how writing develops, how to teach it effectively, and how writing can be used to support reading and learning. In recent years, he has been involved in the development and testing of digital tools for supporting writing and reading through a series of grants from the Institute of Educational Sciences and the Office of Special Education Programs in the U.S. Department of Education. His research involves typically developing writers and students with special needs in both elementary and secondary schools, with much of this occurring in classrooms in urban schools.

"My research mostly involves students' writing, but it also focuses on reading, reading and writing connections, and self-regulation. I apply multiple methodologies in my work which include intervention research that involves randomized control designs, quasi-experiments, design experiments, and single participant designs; meta-analysis; survey research, development and testing of assessment instruments, correlational research, as well as testing of theoretical models.”