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Dr. Lai Chee Chong

Math in Focus Course 2 Author

Dr. Lai Chee Chong holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in mathematics in Canada. His interest lies in making the learning of mathematics more visualizable, and in helping learners make sense of mathematics in everyday life situations. As such, he has designed STEM for students, providing them with the opportunity to apply mathematics within real world contexts, as a form of experiential learning beyond the classroom.

Dr. Lai is an associate lecturer at the Marshall Cavendish Institute, who conducts mathematics and science workshops and seminars for school teachers across ASEAN, North and South America and Central Asia. He is also a prolific writer of mathematics textbooks used in Singapore and overseas. His consulting roles have included curriculum reviewing and revision of national mathematics in the Middle East, as well as design work on mathematics curricula for e-learning projects in Singapore and the ASEAN region.