Wf667195 R180 Update Kevin Feldman

​Dr. Kevin Feldman​

Former Director of Reading, Sonoma County Office of Education

Dr. Feldman's career in education spans thirty-six years. As the Director of Reading and Early Intervention for Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE), he develops, organizes, and monitors programs related to K–12 literacy and prevention of reading difficulties.

Dr. Feldman serves as a Leadership Team Consultant to the California Reading & Literature Project, is a consultant to the CalSTAT Statewide Special Education Reform Project, and assists in the development and implementation of PreK–12 programs throughout California and across the nation. Dr. Feldman is coauthor, with Dr. Kate Kinsella, of intervention program READ 180's interactive teaching curricula, the rBook. He is also a frequent speaker, has contributed a number of articles to professional journals, and has developed several reports for task forces and initiatives.