John Galisky Bw 800

John Galisky

Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, Curriculum Developer

John Galisky, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, has taught Physics, Earth Science, Electronics, Robotics, and Space Science at Lompoc High School on the Central Coast of California for 23 years. After six years as the Science Department Chair, Mr. Galisky established the Space, Technology and Robotic Systems (STaRS) Academy, an engineering program that integrates core academics in math, science, and language arts with Drafting, Engineering Design, Electronics, Robotics, and Manufacturing. For the last seven years, John worked in partnership with CREATE, a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center in California, to develop and disseminate curriculum related to renewable energy production and distribution. John graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a double major in physics and astrophysics, and earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development from U.C. Santa Barbara.