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Jerry Faughn

Co-author of Holt McDougal Physics

Jerry Faughn is Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Eastern Kentucky University. He has taught courses ranging from the lower division to the graduate level, but his primary interest is in students just beginning to learn physics. Dr. Faughn has been director of a number of NSF and state grants, many of which were devoted to the improvement of physics education. He has written a non-mathematical physics text and a physical science text for general education college level courses. He has also coauthored an algebra-trig based textbook for introductory level college physics courses and a microprocessor interfacing text for upper-division physics students. His research interests dealt with computer interfacing and sound absorption in low-pressure gases.

Dr. Faughn is co-author of Holt McDougal Physics.

Dr. Faughn earned his doctorate at the University of Mississippi.