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Dr. Kristi James

Dr. Kristi James is a Professional Services Manager for HMH. Dr. James’ educational background is in elementary and special education, specific learning disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders, diagnostic reading, and educational leadership. She is a certified trainer in Classroom Instruction that Works, Co-Teaching, Differentiated Instruction, Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention, and Reluctant Reader Intervention.

In her instructional career, she developed curricula and assessment tools for courses in Teacher Preparation, Teacher Support Services, and Developmental Education. Additionally, Dr. James is a 2014 graduate of West Virginia University’s College of Education and Human Services.

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As an educator, you may ask, how can you engage students in reading? Try these five strategies to boost enjoyment and engagement in literacy.

Dr. Kristi James


HMH’s Kristi James shares what ideal literacy engagement in an early childhood classroom would look like and how teachers can realize this goal and promote it outside of their classrooms as well.

Dr. Kristi James