Carrie Chiappeta

Dr. Carrie Chiappetta

Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Regional School District 15 in Middlebury/Southbury, Connecticut

Dr. Carrie Chiappetta is the Assistant Superintendent for Regional School District 15 in Middlebury/Southbury, Connecticut, since 2016.

Prior to this, Carrie had numerous positions within the Stamford Public Schools and worked to help the city’s schools close the achievement gap, improve teacher practice, and increase academic achievement for all students. She is the creator of the Stamford STEMfest, a day filled with free STEM activities for all ages.

Carrie’s current work in Region 15 includes ensuring that all feel accepted and valued in the district and communities. Carrie is also the founder and co-facilitator of the Middlebury & Southbury Equity & Inclusion Council. This Council consists of not only Region 15 staff and students but also members of the two towns. Currently, the Council has over 50 members who attend monthly meetings and plan ways to ensure inclusivity for all.

Carrie has received numerous recognitions including being a finalist for National Women in School Leadership Award from the American Association of School Administrators and has received the Presidential Award for the Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. She has presented at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally, has written educational articles, and also co-authored papers.