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Ashley Cruz

NWEA Consultant, State Professional Learning & Improvement Services, HMH

Ashley Cruz currently serves at NWEA as a State Professional Learning Consultant within our Learning & Improvement Services organization, and before that, has served on our Professional Learning Delivery Team within the Gulf Central Region. Her extensive background in public education, in both elementary and secondary, has prepared her well for building capacity state-wide with districts, schools, and educators. Ashley currently leads a Capacity Building Program for Quality Schools International, a Certified Trainer Program for Ohio/Maine Through Year Assessment Professional Learning, and provides heavy support and professional learning for the Alaska Certified Facilitator Program.

Ashley became acquainted with NWEA in 2010 through the utilization of MAP Growth to promote student growth as a classroom teacher. She continued using MAP Growth as an instructional coach, campus MAP & MTSS coordinator, and district curriculum coordinator to make informed decisions for student, teacher, campus, and district needs. In 2019–2020, Ashley wrote and was awarded a $35,920 grant to support all K-12 mathematics teachers in the district, making it the largest grant awarded in McKinney I.S.D. history. She wrote and was awarded a $17,960 grant the following year to continue that support for K–12 mathematics teachers and was able to prove its effectiveness through the use of MAP Growth data.

Ashley has also served as an adjunct professor for Texas A&M Commerce teaching future educators, as well as the Vice-President-elect for Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, TCTM, from 2021-2023 supporting K–12 public educators of mathematics.

Ashley obtained a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and two master’s degrees, one in Curriculum & Instruction and one in Educational Administration. She is currently in her doctoral journey for Organizational Leadership and projects to obtain her Ed.D by 2027. She and her husband, Henry, have two adventurous boys, Vince and Tuck, two loving great Danes, Jameson and Desi, and one sweet dachshund named Winnie the Pooh, who all love to spend time outdoors.