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Ana Maria Callahan

Global Solutions Specialist

Ana Maria Callahan is a Global Solutions Specialist with 15 years of experience in education. During 12 of those years, she has worked with all grade levels, but her expertise and passion is for Elementary Education. In 2004, Ana Maria completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, followed by a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration in 2009, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an Specialization in Elementary Education in 2012. Her teaching experience consists of 8 years in Elementary Education teaching a variety of core classes, 3 years at the secondary level teaching High School Spanish, and one year as a substitute teacher for all levels. She has also served as an Enrichment Program Director, Science Fair Coordinator, Speech Coach, Intervention Resource, ELL private tutor, and Staff Developer while in the classroom full time.