Music + Math

Break barriers

What does an equitable math classroom sound like?

Honoring a commitment to making numeracy count for every student means going beyond advocating for the right to a rigorous curriculum. It means thinking outside the box to create meaningful and relevant math experiences that inspire students to believe in their ability to become unstoppable problem solvers—in and out of the classroom.

Using downloadable lessons and Spotify® playlists, Music Labs are a new way to inspire your students. Each lesson makes math relevant and brings students closer to understanding the numbers and patterns that create the music they love.

Equity + Access

Equitable math instruction means transforming skills into positive learning identities to inspire students’ belief in their ability to actively participate in the world around them.

Positive Math Experiences

Empower students to see themselves as capable learners and skilled problem solvers by curating meaningful math experiences.

Equitable Math Discussions

Cultivate math discussions that inspire students to view themselves as valuable members of their learning community.

Citizens of a Math-Centric Future

Equip students with the problem-solving skills required for empowered, active citizenship in a math-centric world.