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Multilingual Learner Support

Bring Out Multilingual Learners’ Full Potential

Our programs equip your students who are learning English with the support they need to do more than advance from one grade to the next.

Watch the story of Arlys Lopez as she describes what enhanced her growth as an emerging bilingual student.

Successful outcomes are personal for us, so we offer solutions that address the range of multilingual learners' needs.


Waggle provides real-time support designed specifically for multilingual learners, like academic vocabulary meanings, idioms and figurative language explanations, and more.

Waggle builds a foundation and accelerates growth for ELA and math skills in Grades K–8.

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Scaffold writing tasks using support designed specifically for multilingual learners. Assign writing frames at different levels of support to provide a gradual release as students move toward writing independence.

Writable helps students become more purposeful, proficient writers in Grades 3–12.

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Amira Learning™

Proven to be as effective as a human tutor, Amira is even more successful for students who are learning English. This powerful solution demonstrates strong evidence—the highest ESSA rating—and is eligible for ESSER funding.

Amira provides 1:1 reading tutoring, reading fluency assessment, and dyslexia risk screening for K–5.

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Meet Our Multilingual Learners


Beginning multilingual learners require solutions that support foundational literacy, build language skills across content areas, and assist them in transitioning to the language of their academic studies.

Multilingual Learners in Elementary

As students who are learning English move through elementary, they require differentiated support, engaging and scaffolded content aligned to grade-level standards, and activities that energize and build confidence.

Long-Term Multilingual Learners

Long-term multilingual learners have achieved proficiency in conversational English but require intensive support for academic language development and grade-level content mastery to reach today’s rigorous academic milestones.

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Contact us to learn how Waggle, Writable, or Amira can connect to your current HMH programs to support the multilingual learners in your classroom.