Jean S. Desravines


Jean S. Desravines has served as a member of the Board of Directors since March 2018. Mr. Desravines served as Chief Executive Officer of New Leaders, a national education nonprofit, since February 2011. In his role as Chief Executive Officer of New Leaders, he manages an organization that develops leaders for high-need schools in more than twenty school districts and one hundred charter schools across the country. Mr. Desravines previously served in senior positions in the New York City Department of Education, including as senior counselor to the Chancellor of New York City’s public school system. He has also served on the Board of Trustees of St. Francis College since October 2014, and as a director of America Achieves, a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving public schools in the United States, since February 2016. He joined the Board of Directors of The New York Landmarks Conservancy, a non-profit organization, in February 2019. Mr. Desravines’ qualifications to serve on the Board include his extensive experience in the education nonprofit and public sectors.