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NCSS 2020!

National Council for the Social Studies, Virtual Conference

This event has passed

Join the HMH® team during the 2020 NCSS Virtual Conference: Advancing Social Justice from December 4–6, 2020. This conference provides social studies educators an opportunity to network, learn, and grow together. Join HMH at the NCSS Virtual Conference this year!

What you can expect:

Participate in our Virtual Conference Session on Saturday, December 5th, when we will launch an exciting new anti-racism curriculum.

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Explore our innovative K–12 social studies solutions—Into Social Studies® (Grades K–6) and HMH Social Studies (Grades 6–12)—and our Advanced Placement® and Elective courses.

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Connect with subject matter experts.

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We’re looking forward to seeing you online!

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Council of State Social Studies Specialists (CS4) Dinner Event

CS4 provides a vehicle for the exchange of ideas among the specialists, consultants, and supervisors who have responsibilities for social studies education in the various state departments of education/public instruction.

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National Social Studies Supervisors Association (NSSSA) Luncheon

NSSSA promotes the common interest of social studies supervisors in instruction, curriculum materials, research, teacher training, and social action. Based on the belief that interaction between teachers and students is the most vital element of an education system, NSSSA encourages and assists in the development of social studies instruction.

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NCSS President’s Breakfast

Celebrate excellence as outstanding classroom teachers are recognized with the presentation of the annual Teacher of the Year awards, and hear the NCSS president deliver the presidential address.